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30th April 2024

MC Conrad

RIP MC Conrad

Absolutely devestated to hear the news today that Conrad Thompson (aka MC Conrad) has passed.

For me, Conrad was one of a kind when it came to MCs in the drum and bass scene. His unmatched talent and lyrical style helped peak my interest in D&B and the Good Looking Organisation itself.

My all time favourite tune is Planetary Funk Alert by Seba (followed closely by Makoto's Golden Girl). Sebas' masterpeice (Planetary Funk Alert) on its own is amazing but with Conrads vocals added, it was really something else and still gives me a buzz today.

Another pioneer of the scene gone far too soon. He will be missed greatly and always remembered as a true legend to me and I am sure, many others.

"As we move on as we progress. To increase the pleasure, ease the stress. Check the fatness and the freshness. Vibe is live direct and express. Sounds so deep I must confess. Sound of past, present and future and what you hear is not a test. Ooh yes!!."

Massive respect and peace.

MC Conrad (1972-2024)


about the good looking organisation fansite

Spanning more than a decade since 1991, the Good Looking Organisation and its record labels were a force to be reckoned with in the world of "intelligent" drum & bass.

A massive part of my years growing up, the Good Looking Organisation was legendary and will always be an absolute favourite of mine. The labels catered for my eclectic musical taste across a wide range of genres.

The organisation was legendary, with labels signing popular artists and releasing lots of new music. LTJ Bukem, whilst being a spectacular DJ, also wanted to produce his own unique style of music.

Managed and promoted by Tony Fordham, LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad were a perfect combination and different from your standard DJ/MC combination. Their Progression Sessions nights first got me into the scene.

Whilst it is a massive disappointment that the organisation and its labels are no longer active, this website has been built to catalogue the organisation in honour of what I would personally call, the pioneers of the scene.

I spent many years, collecting and cataloguing my collection of records on this domain name (check GLO Fansite History for links to the old fansite) and promoting how much I loved the organisation at the time.

I have now sold most of my record collection but still hold the complete range of Good Looking sub-labels close to my heart.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have always had a very eclectic taste in music and when I came across early Drum and Bass, Jungle, "Atmospheric/Intelligent" d&b (or whatever you want to call it), I instantly fell in love and wanted more.

    The fast beats, heavy basslines and melodic rhythms got me excited. With a growing passion for DJing, this obviously led me onto collecting records, specifically from the Good Looking Organisation and its sub labels.

    Originally, the site was created in 2007, just catalogue my own collection and to let people know which catalogue numbers in the catalogue I did/did not own. The previous site ran till around 2016. Check the GLO Fansite History for more information on the old site.

    Now, although already immortalised in the minds of many, I wanted to re-build the site to keep the history alive. Having a backup copy of the data/files for my old site, this was easy to update to a new mobile/search optimised website up to todays' standards.

    Both sites were also created to be a part of a network of websites, showcasing my abilities as an all-round web designer/developer and to help with optimisation, linking of websites in the network.

  • Due to my abilities with web development and search engine optimisation, the Good Looking Organisation fansite started appearing high in the search results for certain keywords, often above or between official GLO websites.

    The led to contact from the infamous Tony Fordham and I started working with them advising them on their current seo standing and how things could be improved. Tony could see my passion for the organisation, and he wanted to bring the army of GLO fans together, setting-up websites and giving fans access to content, re-releases etc.

    Unfortunately, this was during the 'end days' of the Good Looking Organisation. Whilst NDAs were signed, access to contacts/systems and talks of a meeting/tour of one of their warehouses, stacked to the brim of rare GLO goodies and filling gaps in my catalogue free of charge for my work, it never amounted to much.

  • Unfortunately not, I sold my decks, Gemini PT2410 Special Edition translucent blue (they looked lovely and were a great set of decks). Years later, with my collection not being used and taking up space, I decided to sell put my collection for sale on some Facebook Marketplace sites.

    Whilst I really didn’t want to sell them, I still have a passion for music and djing so the plan is to go digital with a Pioneer or Denon system. I converted the records I had into a digital format and stored them for later use.

    I still have all the Progression Sessions, Logical Progressions etc on CD but have now sold my whole GLO collection :(.

  • Of course I would, but does anyone really think that will ever happen?

    With the rumours of how things where and the parting ways of, what I considered to be, the duo and driving force behind promoting Good Looking across the world.

  • Thankfully, there is a wealth of other record labels, artists, producers and content available for you.

    Check out the links section for some ideas and if you have any of your own that you think would fit well, then please do let me know via the contact form just below this section.


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