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2007 - 2016

GLO 13 Years - Unlucky for Some From early 2007, the Good Looking Organisation fansite was made available online as part of a personal project to develop my skills with data-driven, dynamic websites and search engine optimisation. Initially used as a tool to catalogue my growing collection of vinyl records from the various GLO sublabels, I saw the opportunity to promote and provide content on the website to help promote the organisation.

The site was well optimised, with my attention to detail on content available, it was quickly indexed by search engines, receiving good positions for keywords and gaining regular visitors. Within a short space of time, the GLO fansite started appearing between and even above official GLO sites in search engine results and this got me noticed.

This led to me being approached by GLO, who saw the potential I had, as they were keen to capitalise on the promotion of the organisation via the loyal fanbase that had amassed over the years. Once discussions had taken place, NDAs signed and contacts made, I provided reports and advice on their current online presence and how this could be improved.

Unfortunately, this was during the later years of GLO so did not turn out to be the opportunity I had hoped. The site went offline during 2016 when I changed hosting companies and I never got round to getting it all active again.

The GBUK.net domain name has been under my ownership for many years and with it being a short domain name, I thought I would put it back to good use to again promote GLO and the labels catalogue as well as build up a network of sites which help promote each other.

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